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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When I started baking and decorating your child's birthday cake decorating equipment made, you could buy seemed endless variety. Decoration on the cake was there and I highly recommend! For me it was a whole new world. However, I thought I checked everything on my impulsive nature and need to buy some basic equipment is purchased. I want my sentence to make his birthday, "I" for these children every year in my quest, colorful, soil. Others were a gift from my mistakes, while some of them were released to me ... - In addition to these ideas I had for decorating your child's birthday cake a few suggestions to the next added
Cake Decorating Equipment: You certainly do not need more equipment but need some basic supplies. If you have a private cooking stores and even in the supermarket you can buy most of the following materials. They cook food and decorate a birthday cake for your child can imagine, are inevitable.

Rubber spatulas: Better have a number of different sizes, made of flexible rubber. They are the best tools for scraping sides of bowl fragments. At least there is a wide spread and smooth icing and angled a little color: metal spatula. Ice is crumbling slowly to avoid using metal cake spatula with a thin layer of a very small piece of cake layer before adding 'real'. The process' piece called coating. Bagpipes. Repeat 8 ", 12" and 18 "clear plastic bag of disposable zip-lock bag with inner plastic coating for easier cleaning jobs ideal for small pipe coupling nozzles that are important. Because it allows design data according to your suggestions, to get change, dust paste food color or a very large round writing tip .. act as a pipe, it concentrated liquid food color and the lower part can be making better thin.