Gift for Her | Gift for Her Birthday 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gift for Her
And love is truly the most beautiful of my life, full of love, love in destructive activities can be! My world is turning upside down and inside out. We are against all the power, but what it is. Why? Because you'll be fine. True love revealed. The corner of the heart, soul and body into cracks peeking to see what's inside, really the last agenda was null and void. I love Once entered, soften and you will always be sensitive to. Surface is the owner of the real - but let it be! It is illegal in any way, you can not work full of pure love.

Love of reading, you need to open up. The open, lose the long-term pain, consciousness, secret love rediscover memories. The fact that this therapy can not, but pain can be avoided. Cloaking, or change or pure love flows, dishonest from the blocks. Give love, accept what you see and nutrition, with a ready-made ideas or expectations, should offer free ... And your heart will be healed.

Even the gift of healing, we come to love what is loved. True love is selfish love. Unconditional love, love can guess. Begin to disappear with pure love, the pain in the past. Coldness of the heart begins to melt. Resentment give way to forgiveness. Soothe and relax the loneliness. Receiver, whether to put an end to the joy of love. Many "love yourself before you love another can." You could say I usually say the same.