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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The internet has evolved from corporate websites to a social gathering place. This provides a new way for small businesses to attract prospects for little or no cost. Social sites such as Facebook are providing an easy-to-use interface for even those with limited technical skills. Facebook, networking, network marketing, Internet marketing, social marketing, web 2.0.
Have you heard about the marketing power of Facebook Fan Pages? Read on to get started with your own Fan Page to start driving traffic to your sites and building your list. Connie ragen gree, facebook fan pages, traffic from facebook, list building with facebook fan pages.
I've had my Facebook account for a few years now and have amassed nearly 700 friends. The limit is 5,000, but I want to at least have a little bit in common with the people I accept as friends. Among these friends are several internet marketers, some of whom are very successful. One of the things they all seem to have in common is how important it is to create and develop relationships on social networking sites, such as Facebook. I agree. Most, if not all, of these marketers, I personally know. I've been to seminars with them and to see them speak. We've shared laughs, drinks and ideas. Some very sharp people. Recently I had a birthday. I hit the big 5 - 0, as they say... Social networking, network marketing, facebook, internet marketing.