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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turning 100 is a significant event. Less than 2% of the U.S. population in their 100th Birthday arrived. Sensitivity to age-old gets a birthday celebration for every plan. Most likely they are weak and put the mobility of the question. This should be taken into account the position of the party.

Step 1. Pastor Birthday Party with you soon. Throw a surprise party for someone age. Together, the friends and family members an invitation list.
Step 2. Everything about the priest can not take off. If he use a wheelchair or health, is your own house party. He lives in a nursing home for this special event coordinated with the administrator. Everything you need to know to know about allergies and restrictions. For example, he do not hear the music not money.
Step 3. Food plan. to follow rules if he could live in a nursing home. Can a private party in a house, keep a waitress job. An alternative is to ask friends to bring food. Hostess cake and drink only. Your best bed linen and a small group of people to the table with Chinese interest. Many centenarians and their belongings in particular her beautiful set of porcelain and silver are interested in the memories of dining table. Buffets are difficult for older people. If you put a larger group of guests, dining on a buffet or dining table, but sitting aid older people, especially the birthday child have the service.
Step 4. Pastor must make to avoid mixing with alcohol or drugs in elderly non-alcoholic punch or soft drinks as guests safe.
Step 5. Birthday Cake loves baked. Top cake with candles spelling out HAPPY this letter or three large candles sheep 1-0-0. Provides 100 small candle cake Western tradition, but it's probably all that you do not blow, and that you will feel bad.
Step 6. Cultural must for older people. A popular children's choir. A violinist or pianist, a number of programs, such as background music.
Step7. Imagine hired a photographer or cameraman. Copies of these souvenirs will be maintained by all members of the family.
Step 8. To festive decorations everywhere. The party materials: banners, balloons can be purchased online store yard sign in your favorite party or.
Step 9 clothing. Try for the day pastor birthday dress. Make sure a current haircut or hairstyle. Fix make-up and choose Find the perfect outfit for the ladies. Get a crown for the birthday child. Party fun with those 100 numbers have shown a significant source locations. A birthday party mood for the man in a funny hat. They want to see and feel good for this special day.
Step 10 gifts. Happy Birthday Willard Scott of the Today show and a photo can be obtained by sending a request along with: Willard Scott Birthdays, Today Show, NBC News, 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016th NBC requested that information be in their hands for 6 weeks before the recipient's birthday. You can not mention them all, but the weather does not hurt to send a request.