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Monday, April 25, 2011

Although only half of the 50 signs that many are still considered a person's life to a point - a lot of people with a sense of humor, such as "Move Over"with the theme of the celebration party. Here, 50 is a great idea "on the Hill" birthday party on how to put together. King's birthday and a good sense of humor sure if this kind of subject matter properly before the 50th birthday celebration Hill should be together. Decorations, games, food, old, however, can all the embarrassing moments, play in person with a very funny gag gifts.

Gag gift: a theme in this type of gag gifts a great idea. People's thinking and all that your senior years may need to go to adult diapers, dried Fake Fake teeth, wrinkle cream, plum juice, claims hearing I think you get the idea .....

Decoration: the party is not complete without a black balloons. In fact, say: "hill" balloons, they can buy there. Tablecloths, streamers, plates, glasses, make sure the black as service equipment with other items. Gold is usually black, so that a bit like a funeral with a good combination of colors can be combined does not see any party. In the background, while some mourners and fun to listen to music helps you sound.

Sports: If you want to reserve for guests of honor and can be fun. All races with a walker too much fun to take part, where. Another fun game on Guest pop balloons with sticks can be based.