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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughtful Gifts - If you think a nice gift, considerate, polite, careful, self-sacrifice, he must believe could do something might come to mind. It is a personal hobby, or just at home, at work, some (mobile phones, notebooks, calendars, food processor, a gym membership, holidays, or craft supplies, etc.) to a gadget, this is not special task for which they have some free time you will need a break? Maybe a little free time cleaning the house or an elderly relative for them, food, services to care for children, offers to break a routine. He put some thought into the process because it makes you feel he deserves more. Nothing to say

Unique gift - a a-kind gift that a certain difference provides very excited. Perhaps, but it is a gift that you and / or resources were lucky not to seek and find. Maybe something in the house, her childhood, her parents a piece of jewelry (costume or real) for a remake of something or just a special thing it is an example of this type is an image of the eyes. If you are in a position to something a have to do little more detail, these courses will be surfing camp, probably a nice tennis, go on a picnic with views of the town, parachuting, ballooning, horseback riding, a W / a little wine tasting, Hiking can parasail have a chance / walking or a holiday in a special place. This means that it is rare that a special kind of gift.

Creative - sometimes when we get inspired to come to work with what wonderful imagination ... You creative, artistic and / or bring something if you are new. (If you give him a surprise party, write him a poem, draw a picture of him with the ability to dedicate a book or a piece of your furniture, make it a gem from this division is to a point so if you are a piece of her dress a plant bed or not before they have cooked, it is really blowing, which (for him cake, or bake with some very close friends) would be good for you or not), whether you as a musical, which grow to steal to make him their classes and / or dancing to swimming, surfing, (yoga, martial arts, Sumba, tennis, asked him to do something to register, etc. Dance)