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Friday, April 22, 2011

I nearly 20 years to make handmade birthday cards love to do. Fortunately, it is very comfortable to make your own handmade cards are found rewarding. With me sitting next to him and papercrafts all my stuff spread out, better that you really inspired to allow the flow method can be comfortable! I like the card to be complex or simple as a hand-crafted want to be. Simple designs can be extremely effective and very interesting too. Make cards to start with an uncomplicated design are ideal for the first time. If you are still very interesting and effective, but hand-made card, necessary to create a great design without gear, with a closed shell is super easy to talk over the sticker, a die cut decoupage images directly onto a blank card, you can try growing.

One thing is mastered, add these designs have a shot at the original design. Or maybe a spring coat made of pre-identified as an additional decoration. Start a portion of each card is blank or background papers and glittery adhesives or decorative accents include Pearlized is located. Instead of a decoupage image, a picture for a particular card rubber colored pencils or watercolor paint color to go with the rubber stamp image stamping, trim around the picture, and then a rectangular or group photo taken to stamp it as the stamp card is empty. Sooner is better for your own ideas in the future more detailed than the old design. Using a small amount of work, in fact, can come up with some very impressive design. Birthday greeting card that is recommended to think of it first card, all the while starting to build. Or a man or a woman full of passion for their passion and maybe a young adult, are ". Generally, a personalized birthday card to integrate into things well. For example, if the card is decorated with football and a football player to make a perfect birthday card, a football official went on to recommend that the card would be a huge amount of dialogue.

Once you have decided to card concept, you need to decide on the color scheme. A card to a decoupage image color to the color scheme, or for your choice may already have pre-made decorations can be guided through. Jigsaw picture or decoration, and working to achieve it is the card that comes with a pair of these colors is the color output with all the color ribbon co any goods, or co-ordinate the support of these two color paper. If you use a rubber stamp image by using your personal color scheme in addition to the picture using color and color coordinated can build the plan. Personalized birthday card to explain hand, the card may be subject in the name of the person. Using the label paper, clear alphabet stamp or a steady hand, a decorative hand you use ink or glitter glue will be able to write by writing his own name with peel can be done. Finally, hand-made birthday card definitely a beautiful poem or a personal message, a message that there is such a good print card is an insert are eliminated.