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Saturday, April 30, 2011

 A petting zoo to host a birthday party for your child too small to affect a lot of fun entertainment for children through the deals keep. Some activities of the parties more attractive than the little ones and older children, Melanie Pien, quaint Piper Pony Rides and Caramel, New York, petting zoo owner says, petting zoo animals and a soft fur and feathers diet. Family Business "to children to touch and pet many different animals, they are different., Everyone sees as" 20 years went to the company 600-700 parties a year, says Pien. Many adults and children to love animals I Pien notes. "Some people's children and other animals for the rental of certain animals are the parents." For very young children Pien (without pony rides), petting zoo alone is probably a good idea idea. More often than older children pony rides are intimidated not let us enjoy.
Your kids' parties, parents who feel a petting zoo to the other recommendations:
  • Zoo, the best age for parties petting: Interestingly, the demand Pien, age is not really matter. He was a party for children of 18 years is remarkable. "Sometimes the animals are rarely clearly a petting zoo parties lead children to the parents," he says. As a general rule, but he advises, "such a party before a decision, make sure that your children love animals."
  • What: An hour is usually perfect for a group of 20 children, "said Pien. But some party for those who choose to increase the time for half an hour or an hour.
  • You to review before hiring any company: The most important factor in the current USDA certification, Pien said. And animal health inspectors have investigated and reviewed by a licensed shows all the conditions of daily maintenance of live animals, that the site visits.
  • Insurance is required: the company and the petting zoo, pony rides and make sure it has the full responsibility for reporting. In addition, the party offered for the day as many companies as customers or co-insurance for an additional insurance more insurance companies allowed options.
  • Party security: interact all meals, baby pacifiers, toys and remote area, the animals with other personal items to be considered, "said Pien.
Just as important, he says, and water, soap, disposable towels, after contact with animals and another party immediately for thorough hand washing, before running with activities for children. Adult care under the age of five all children should be monitored, especially hand washing.