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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In London speed with great enthusiasm? Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married! Your commitment in October, after the couple decided to exchange at the end to 29 April 2011 "I am?" He said. At this time the royal marriage, William and Kate's romantic story of several books already published, that London to tell the most famous event. In the end, and after eight years on the hardware node. They love each other better in full-time and two people have stood the test of time know. But this relationship was a break in 2007, had proved how strong their bond to each other's arms a short time.

Love Story: Wedding of the century's most famous book about a double celebration written that William and Kate. Royal reporter Robert Jobson, a complete insider account of their most anticipated events for the day by leading the latest scoop written. Book to be his bride and future queen soon, said Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, on. Both are 28, William and Kate first met at the University of Scotland. William and Kate this pair of interesting stories or anecdotes about their relationship with a book and a picture-filled analysis.

A Royal Love Story: A special book for the couple are William and Kate. Their love story tells the story of a genuine hardcover publication. to see 150 photos and never wrote Kate and rumors of royal correspondent James Sun from crushing. Book William's Princess: Change the royal family will be forever young couple first time, inspired Love Story and other exciting surprises. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Prince William followed his career on the back dated for a while. Suddenly, rumors about his military training came to an end, William Queen, 80, after the marriage broke birthday. When the future king of England, and a queen! bound the public in 2005 married Prince Charles and Camilla's award-winning journalist Robert Jobson wrote between the subject is. Today these books at very affordable price. This keeps the books and Kate are collections of timeless value. Kate Middleton: Prince William and Kate, and another called "Waiting for Kate Kate's life is centered on a royal souvenir book available.