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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday cards have been developed in the last two decades are of course, now your laptop is to buy a birthday card print and publish without leaving the couch. Technology, Internet, Twitter and Facebook, the popular social networking to e steady progress we have seen an increase in both popularity and sites such as e-card with a handwritten letter, keep in touch more than mails. As I recently still only young at the time of my youth, these birthday cards and memories mentioned - and I mean the last 3-4 months, just - I can chat and networking through Facebook, often caught up with school friends. Some people have changed beyond recognition and the other has not changed a bit.

School photos will appear on the accounts of my friends how I started laughing out loud? Not bad eighties perm to do with your school to see my friends, was funny and weird at the same time, men with mullets and perms football - not to mention fashion and clothes we wore!

Every year, now goes by, the small number of received birthday cards, but I still keep a tin of all. Another difference is that you can upload a picture to enter text and a personalized birthday card to change the color inside the card, card is a Web site, Facebook application looks like a genius to capture the market with to be particularly increased.