Funny Gifts | Funny Gifts for Men 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funny gifts
People in their favorite past time to laugh when love to inspire a good time, this gift ideas.

1. Have some dough. Fun and offer a smart idea. Find out what the person's favorite places cookie. Around how to use your kitchen to make a little dough. Gag gifts store them in a tupperware box, to then give the majority of the dough! Put some flour in a card and writes: "Here is some flour on for days!" After joking with them, then sit back, give some definition to fresh dough.
2. Bug Killer Kit can give their friends are afraid of making mistakes. Kit two blocks, and some plastic cockroaches. A block and B block to another block to block to be there. Ensure a slip of paper put in the words, "a sophisticated error holders, squash bugs, and then end up with a block B-block."
3. Gift ignorant odd earrings and a great idea. Pinecone with them as air fresheners you find the perfect scent. Wrap it well and put a fish hook. A note of your gift that you have read "Bubba and odor quality earrings, great care .."
4. The girl in his life give the perfect man! It can produce your kitchen! Gingerbread men and decorate some cookies and they can view it with different sugars very quickly. Add a statement that read "great man cool. And sweet, and you can be sure not to get into any trouble."
5. The "Happy Pills" a short fuse, to give them a gift. Make sure to take a clean empty can. Your wrapping paper, happy pills to build your brand. M & M's or the person in the glass and fill with your favorite candy. They all can benefit from short fuse, and then I feel happy pill.
6. Cowboy bubbly people laugh other large home-made solutions are required. Cowboy culture that they laugh at you a great friend. Use a bag of beans and a bag. Bag, "Cowboy Bubble Bath," a label that reads. Water-saving way to say that they had in the old days. At the same time think a good meal than a bath.
7. To working people to take advantage of something. Redhead with your very own suitcase to work hard all day long last. It is an ideal gift for your employees. Men's Catch (new) pants and a pair of feet above the chest. Holder, so that the drawers can be used. Some additional accessorizing needs. A toothpick, toilet paper to remove ear wax paper to fit an old key to a clean a belly button and stick in a pin with the fly Keep nails. dig for good measure, they made the wrong pile of excrement with the items below.
8. Another great gift idea that dustpan cookies. Put fresh baked cookies and half of them to break into a dustpan. Read a note attached. "I like preparing cookie on the floor. .... I hope you give it a good substitute for the chips is a suitable gift to get."
9. Gift certificates can be humorous. And the things we do for you people think about them nervous reward certificate. can "Great Procrastinator" or "Big Slacker Award for" Let's put some article to laugh a lot of fun as fun a people.
10. Finally, the gift of a strange idea "well spent" false "gift. We offer cost freeze of up to $ 20 Note. Freezers Remove and pour a cup of ice to wait before If you do not melt in a position to spend.